About Us


Heka Leka is a non-profit education foundation which is established on September 7, 2011 by Stanley Ferdinandus . Dreams and hopes of Maluku Cerdas rise from witnessing an alarming devastation happening to Maluku, poor education quality, bad economic condition and getting worst after 1999 horizontal conflict.

These realities encouraged some youths in Ambon which led by Stanley Ferdinandus to start a simply movement. It was called " 2 hours movement for Maluku". Stanley tried to facilitate some professionals from Maluku to spend their two hours in a week to teach and inspire the kids in several study groups. This activity initiated Heka Leka Movement in Ambon.

Heka Leka has been growing since then, and has involved many people who care for education in Maluku through its movement. Many programs and projects have developed and implemented to help local people not only in Ambon but also other small islands in Maluku.

Since education is together movement, encouraging and empowering local people to be more actively participate and start to make their own contribution for their own community is an on-going projects that we are struggling to do through this movement.


The values that inspire, motivate and underpin the movement of the Malessy Heka Leka

  • S P I R I T U A L I T Y
  • C O M P A S S I O N
  • H U M A N I T YU N I T Y
  • M U L T I P L I C A T I O N


  • Stanley Ferdinandus,ST,. MM (Founder & Advisor)
  • Prof. Dr. Rolly Intan,. M.Sc (Head of Advisor)
  • Stefanny Pynustan, S.Sn (Advisor)
  • Wiesye Pelupessy, ST (Supervisor)
  • drg. Stephanie A. Rehatta, MM (Chairman of the Foundation)
  • Hellen Hendriks,ST (Secretary of the Foundation)
  • Jackline Kho , S.Sos (Treasurer of the Foundation)
  • Mega Marlova Patiasina, S.S (Program Directors)
  • Grice Teslatu, S.Pd. (Operation Director)
  • Tirsana W Kailola, S.S, M.TELF (Public Relation Director)
  • Agustina Putirulan, S.Si. Teol (Program Manager)