Be Our Partner

Support us by donating your books and sharing your idea and Information

HITI HITI HALA HALA : Let's work together to develop the quality of education in Maluku by providing reading corners or public libraries in many areas in Maluku where our Malessy's work with the society.

Together we inspire others through Maluku Cerdas Movement.

With the spirit of Siwalima (togetherness), together we improve our quality by providing House of Books, House of Knowledge.

"Maluku, House of Books, House of Knowledge"

How Can You Participate?

Since the beginning of this movement, there has been a longing and hope for how this movement could belong to all of those who love Maluku.

Various parties, both organizations and individuals, have showed their supports, both morally and financially. With their sincerity to share what they have, based on vision, mission and values of “Heka Leka”, the responsibility for a better Maluku has not become our responsibility only but also the community’s passion.

Besides being a Malessy, you can also contribute and be our partners by :

  1. 1. Donating Your Books

    You can help the kids, teachers and people in Maluku by providing them with good educational and inspiring books. Either used books or the brand new ones are highly appreciated.

    These types of book will be very beneficial :

    • School textbooks (preferably the latest curriculum)
    • Encyclopedia and Discovery Books
    • Children's story books (including stories, folklores, picture books, etc.)
    • Religious books for children
    • Magazines
    • Atlas and Map
    • Educational toys
    • Documentary or other educational video
    • Educational Comics
    • Novel
    • And many others
  2. Sharing Ideas

    In addition to books, you can also contribute by sharing ideas, information or suggestions that will help us to develop this movement.

  3. Other Contributions

    There are many other contributions you can make. One of them by sharing, promoting and inviting colleagues, friends, family and others to join and support the movement of Maluku Cerdas (Excellent Maluku).

Join us and become a channel of Blessing to MALUKU
Together, For A Better MALUKU !