Seira Children Science Festival

Publish Date: 16 December 2017 Author: Media Hekaleka Category: Education

Saturday noon on December 16th, Heka leka along with Komunitas Seira Cerdas held Children Science Festival for all the kids  in Seira, Wermatian district, Western Southeast Maluku Regency. It was an interesting  story as the children took each other to attend the festival. They loved to learn and tried all the science games and I-am-brave snakes and ladders. In every games, a guide explained the science substance that would be learned through the game. In a science game called  the wheel of knowledge, the children learned about Zoology, botany, ecology, astronomy and human body. If the participant spinned the pin at the center of the wheel and it stopped at one of the school subject, then the mentor would ask the question. The student who could answer this question would be rewarded. The Quark science was a science game which sharpened the patience and focus of the children. The game was the favorite game loved by the elementary students up to the high school students. In this game the children learned about the changing of energy. The I-am-brave snakes and ladders was also one of science games that attracted the children. This was the first time they played this game. Before playing, they were informed about the importance of protecting their self from sexual abuse. They were agog and trying to memorize the tips.

The other interesting games were gas-powered car and air golf which using the power of gas and air.

After the event, most children hoped the science festival would be held again including the unique, fun and  useful science games. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity to learn together with the children of Seira which district is flooded by sea wealth.