Guru Paud Saparua, Pejuang Hak Anak.

Tanggal Terbit: 24 May 2019 Penulis: Media Hekaleka Kategori: Pendidikan
Guru Paud Saparua, Pejuang Hak Anak.

In this third sessions for preschool teachers in Saparua, we learn a lot about the rights of children as been stated in UN Convention on the Rights of Children.

Every Child has a right to live, to be protected from any kind of violence either physically or mentally, to play and to express themselves freely as long as they don’t disturb other people. Understanding children right is the important key to create better world for the children.

Then, when they misbehave, what should we do? Is physical punishment effective to produce children with good character? Exploring the discipline positive, the teachers learnt that either reward or punishment is not effective for disciplining the kids, because the motivation comes from outside. Helping them to have positive discipline by talking, making and discussing the rules, and use of consequence will help to increase self-motivation and self-control from inside.

To put this understanding into practice, these teachers come up with 5 point of declaration to protect children right at their schools. This is a good step to create better and safe learning environment for the children. We hope to see more improvement for children in Maluku.

Thank you UnionAID for making this learning program possible. 🙏

Salam Maluku Cerdas!