Heka Leka English Club

Tanggal Terbit: 21 January 2019 Penulis: Media Hekaleka Kategori: Pendidikan

Have you ever experienced a culture shock or feeling scared to face new different culture? Everyone of us come from different culture and background. Therefore, we need to be open minded, and eager to learn some new culture so we can understand well the way people act.

In Heka leka English Club meeting last thursday, we discussed about Uncertainty Avoidence. Uncertainty avoidance is how cultures differ on the amount of tolerance they have of unpredictability.
It was an interesting discussion, because each one of us has our own funny experience to share.
The important thing is we learn to accept other culture that totally different with our culture. Difference might be challenging but it is an asset for us.

Let's join us on Englis Club next thursday.
There will be a movie week, inspiring class and many other activities to share with you.
So, be there. Thursay, 5.30 pm in Heka Leka Edu Center.

Salam Maluku Cerdas