Safely Arrived In Bovensmilde For The Tour de Maluku

Tanggal Terbit: 06 July 2019 Penulis: Media Hekaleka Kategori: Pendidikan

Safely arrived yesterday in Bovensmilde for the Tour de Maluku to spread, connect and encourage many people to support Maluku Cerdas Movement.

Bovensmilde is one of the special place for Moluccans in Netherlands. On September 7th, 2013, a Monument of the First Generation" is built. The top of this monument is decorated with tifa and tahuri. This monument is built to remember the struggle and suffer Moluccans have in Netherlands and also the reconciliation between Moluccans and Netherlands for the hijacking teror that ever happen there.

There is also "Molo Oekoe Foundation", functions as a Baileo where Moluccans in Bovensmilde meets and do many activities together with others.

Keep going on kakak Stanley Ferdinandus.
Invite many people to support Maluku Cerdas movement for the future of all the children in Maluku.
Together we can do better and more for developing education in Maluku.

Salam Maluku Cerdas.